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Magic Bus

Bart Eddy found this great blue bus on Craigslist. It came to us from Luddington, Michigan where it’s previous owner had outfitted it as a woodshed. After an incredible transformation led by Mike Reed from blue to Road Dragon, we started to work on the interior with students from University of Michigan. The front steps … Continued

critical vehicles: mobility

How do you get around now? Literally and metaphorically? How did you get around as a child? An adolescent? How do your parents get around? Grandparents? Will you do the same? Mobility and Transportation share problems and solutions of transporting goods, services and populations. Access to mobility and transportation carry assumptions, privileges and opportunities that, … Continued

From Vacancy to Vibrancy

This was the pitch we sent to the organizers of INCLUDE 2019: “We will collectively transform an outdoor ground of broken concrete, weeds and trash into an outdoor gathering space for hands on work and relaxation through furniture designed and built on site.Attendees will work with their hands with both inside and outside work options … Continued

Brightmoor Maker Space @ Include 2019

We are really excited and honored to be part of Include 2019. Include is a biennial international conference that focuses on issues central to inclusive and people-centered design. Include will be hosted for the first time in America, by College for Creative Studies and Design Core Detroit and is produced by the Helen Hamlyn Centre … Continued

CommonShip + Genki Ichiba

In May 2017, 2018, 2019, the Brightmoor Maker Space has had the great fortune of being able to partner with Ishinomaki Lab in Miyagi Prefecture in the northeast of Japan. First thing on setting foot in the lab workspace after coming from Detroit is “it looks sort of like the maker space.” Our Brightmoor Makers … Continued

Night Festival

For a few years we have been talking about night. Sometimes our discussions veer towards safety, sometimes towards seasons, and often towards sociability. We wonder at the Maker Space if we had a cookout or a street party at night if people would come and hang out. Alongside the wooden lamps we designed at Ishinomaki … Continued


After a few months of rough prototypes and workshops in Detroit, a small group travelled to Ishinomaki, Japan where our host was Ishinomaki Lab. Over three weeks in May, we refined our wooden lamps, designing a flat pack set of 4 reconfigurable components powered by a small LED light (we are working on a solar … Continued

Meet the Makers: Thad Lindsay

In 2012 we had an idea that we could build a boat. Part of it this was prompted by a small stack of 55 gallon drums and Jack Lardis’ project Oil Drum Art. Among the initiatives to repurpose the drums was a catamaran whose pontoons were built around 3 of the drums. We endeavored to … Continued

Meet the Makers: Shashu Amen-Ra

In July, 2019, the Brightmoor Maker Space welcomed Shashu Amen-Ra as artist in residence. This was a great homecoming, as Shashu is one of the original founders of Detroit Community Schools. Working with a subset of the screen printers, Shashu led the students through a process of the design and construction of denim aprons. On … Continued

beat bike

A Q+ A with Niki Williams, who along with Chirs Holley and Drequan Benson, designed and built our very popular Beat Bike. Where do your interests in electronic music come from? I love all sorts of music and have always listened to lots, usually very loud, while in the studio, my first interest in electronic … Continued