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meet the makers: Keivona Griffin

Here we are on this beautiful day, sitting outside the Maker Space—you just graduated from high school, how long have you been working here? I started in 10th grade. My boyfriend was already working with Mr. Eddy and I  liked what they were doing and I was able to get an interview and started soon … Continued

Meet the Makers: Thad Lindsay

In 2012 we had an idea that we could build a boat. Part of it this was prompted by a small stack of 55 gallon drums and Jack Lardis’ project Oil Drum Art. Among the initiatives to repurpose the drums was a catamaran whose pontoons were built around 3 of the drums. We endeavored to … Continued

Meet the Makers: Shashu Amen-Ra

In July, 2019, the Brightmoor Maker Space welcomed Shashu Amen-Ra as artist in residence. This was a great homecoming, as Shashu is one of the original founders of Detroit Community Schools. Working with a subset of the screen printers, Shashu led the students through a process of the design and construction of denim aprons. On … Continued