Month: May 2019

beat bike

A Q+ A with Niki Williams, who along with Chirs Holley and Drequan Benson, designed and built our very popular Beat Bike. Where do your interests in electronic music come from? I love all sorts of music and have always listened to lots, usually very loud, while in the studio, my first interest in electronic … Continued

meet the makers: nick tobier

Nick has been working with the Brightmor Makers since a little before they were the Brightmoor Makers. Since then he has worked on transformation of the space itself, furniture design and construction, urban planning with 5th graders, circuits and sewing, toilet scrubbing and sweeping. “I first remember coming in December 2009. I meet Bart (Eddy) … Continued

brightmoor maker space open house!

Millions of thanks to all our friends and neighbors who came from across the street and across the state to celebrate with us. Check out the link below for a lovely write-up of the event.