Brightmoor Dog House

one of the brightmoor maker space dog houses

Learning valuable trade skills in carpentry begins with the Brightmoor Doghouse – the first project in the Brightmoor Builders program.  These little gems – small but perfectly formed – are framed, insulated, lined, sheathed and roofed just like a proper house.

Brightmoor Builders are introduced to the basic skills required in any trade beginning with punctuality and a good, safe work ethic.  They then learn how to read construction drawings, measure, use tools safely, and frame a house.

They then move on to the more difficult skills of framing a roof and trim carpentry. Once it is fully lined and insulated, the Brightmoor Builders install the clapboard, soffits and exterior trim.

After a roof, shingles, and 3 coats of paint, these homes are ready for their new canine residents.

Sneak Preview
Having learned their skills with the doghouses, the Brightmoor Builders are moving on to garden sheds. 
And from there?  Who knows?  Perhaps we’ll be seeing new homes built by these young builders.