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Meet the Makers: Lyz Luidens!

Lyz Luidens can be found leading the screenprinting and visual design students at the Brightmoor Makerspace through the many stepped process of creating and refining original designs for screenprinting. Lyz leads students through hand-drawing, collaging, and digitally editing their creations before putting ink on fabric to screenprint them onto shirts. “I love printmaking. It’s the … Continued

Garden Crew: A Visual Essay, 2018

      Having grown up in a rural community and then moving to Phoenix before landing in Detroit I realized how impactful childhood nature experiences can be. Finding opportunities for kids in urban environments to participate in agricultural and wilderness experiences expands their world view and connection to their environments. As writer Barry Lopez notes, “the … Continued

D.I.Y. Spirit: Detroit + Japan

Check out some of our great coverage on the collaboration between Ishinomaki Lab + Brightmoor Maker Space Keiji Ashizawa + Takahiro Chiba joined us from Tokyo + Ishinomaki and we were super proud to be part of the Detroit Design Festival, 2017. This was Ishinomaki Lab’s first US exhibit and we could not have been … Continued

Sidewalk Festival + The Mobile Media Lab

Our friend, Ryan Myers-Johnson, founder and Director of Sidewalk Festival continues to be a wonderful partner.With great appreciation to Brandon Patterson, Justin Schell and The Shapiro Design Lab at The University of Michigan we wanted to share this video created at Sidewalk 2016, as we get ready for Sidewalk 2017. Justin was both our host in … Continued

Skateboard Building Workshop

  Skateboard Building in Brightmoor On a chilly Saturday in December, in the art room at Detroit Community High School (DCH), Jesse Wilson, New York Director of the Chill Foundation, led a free skateboard-building workshop. Since its founding in 1995, the Chill Foundation has been dedicated to working with underserved youth to build confidence and … Continued

Making the Future Camp

Making the Future camp participants learn about circuitry during the 6-week camp hosted by the Brightmoor Maker Space at the Detroit Community Schools. During the camp, middle and high school students from Developing K.I.D.S., an after school community program serving families in Detroit’s Brightmoor and Cody Rouge neighborhoods, learned a wide range of skills. The … Continued

Soundgarden Workshop

From our Soundgarden workshop at the Ypsilanti Public Library/ Whittaker Road Branch. Thank you for coming out and to our workshop leaders, Morgan Princing, Brie McGee and Patrick Young, and to the amazing Molly Beedon at the Ypsi Library. Posting step by steps on how to build these on our website.