Eames Institute Kazam! Magazine : Crafting Community

We are so honored to be part of the Eames Institute’s inaugural Kazam! Magazine . This issue of Kazam! profiles The Brightnmoor Maker Soace”s collaboration with Ishinomaki Lab’s Made in Local initiative as well as sharing insights from both workshops–here in Detroit, and our friends in Ishinomkai, Japan.

The inaugural issue of Kazaam Magazine, a publication of the Eames Institute, features the Brightmoor Maker Space. The article, by design writer Diana Budds, centers around Made in Local, an international partnership between the Japan-based Ishinomaki Lab and designers across the world from Manila to Berlin to London — and since 2020, Detroit — that extends the design ethos of Ishinomaki Lab. 

Budds writes that ​“While Ishinomaki Lab and the Brightmoor Maker Space emerged from different types of crises — an extreme weather event that ambushed a city versus the slower and more insidious effects of systems that disempower and disinvest from Black communities — they have both demonstrated the transformative power of design that’s based on an ethos of goodness all the way down.“

Huge appreciation to design writer Diana Budds for the time she spent with us and her care in crafting this article.

The Eames Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity that aims to equip everyone with the lessons of Ray and Charles Eames, so that anyone can solve problems through design.