Made in Local : Ishinomaki Lab + Brightmoor Maker Space

Since 2017, Ishinomaki Laboratory has been engaging with students and faculty from the University of Michigan and the Brightmoor Maker Space as a part of the Ishinomaki-Detroit Collaborative, a transnational alliance of community-based ventures and non-profits in Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture and Detroit, Michigan. As our Japan-based counterpart, Ishinomaki Lab has became a close partner in an annual exchange of technical know-how, experiences, and cultures. It is our great honor to partner with Ishinomaki Laooratory as part of Made in Local.

The Brightmoor Maker Space focuses on hand skills through building. We use simple materials to hand craft elegant and intelligent responses to everyday needs. We believe in honesty and integrity of our construction through thoughtfully designed and well-built objects.

Our Detroit-Ishinomaki connection began in 2015 when Ishinomaki’s Gota Matsumura visited Detroit and the Brightmoor Maker Space. With shared visions of building creative and resilient communities through design, Brad Hammond then of the University of Michigan’s Center for Japanese Studies facilitated a series of exchanges bringing students,  craftsmen and teachers to share knowledge, skills and ideas.

In 2017, as part of the Detroit Design Festival.  Ishinomaki Lab held its first US exhibition with all the furniture on view built from Ishinomaki Lab drawings and specs by the Brightmoor Maker space’s woodworkers. Keiji Ashizawa and Takahiro Chiba of Ishinomaki Lab attending the opening, as well as led a workshop at the Brightmoor Maker Space.

We are proud to partner as part of Made in Local to share Ishinomaki Laboratory’s design philosophy and quality standards with our craftsmanship.

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